Reflections on a Summer of Discontent in Hong Kong

Kurt W. Tong
Content Type
Journal Article
The Ambassador's Review
Publication Date
Fall 2019
Council of American Ambassadors
The summer of 2019, with all its compelling political drama, will certainly be remembered as a pivotal moment in the history of Hong Kong. In the end, however, will 2019 will be remembered as a tragic turning point, heralding Hong Kong’s increasing instability and irrelevancy in the coming years? Or, optimistically, will future historians see this year as a moment when Hong Kong’s key stakeholders, inside and outside the city, were sufficiently reminded of the city’s special value and characteristics to do what is necessary to keep its “one country, two systems” dream alive? The answers to this set of questions will have important implications for the national interests of the United States in the Indo-Pacific region.
Diplomacy, International Cooperation, Social Movement, Political stability, State Formation
Political Geography
China, Asia, North America, Hong Kong, United States of America