Special Commentary: After COVID-19: American Landpower in Transatlantic Context

John R. Deni
Content Type
Commentary and Analysis
The Strategic Studies Institute of the U.S. Army War College
Over the last month, an array of analysts and experts has attempted to ascertain what the post-pandemic world might look like from strategic, policy, or institutional perspectives. Several of these assessments feature dramatic predictions of a new world unlike what existed just months ago. It’s reasonable to expect change following a global crisis, but the near breathlessness detectable in some of these analyses evinces a lack of nuance or an appreciation for stasis. Moreover, few of these or other analyses have addressed the implications in a transatlantic context, or suggested specific mitigation steps. This brief essay reflects a more balanced attempt to fill these gaps, identifying recommendations for the US Army and Department of Defense to leverage the crisis and mitigate the damage across the transatlantic community.
Armed Forces, Transatlantic Relations, COVID-19
Political Geography
Europe, United States of America