Energizing America

Varun Sivaram, Colin Cunliff, David Hart, Julio Friendmann, David B. Sandalow
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Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP), Columbia University
Clean energy innovation is central to the fight against climate change. The dramatic success in lowering the costs of solar panels and wind turbines in the past decade must be replicated across a wide range of other energy technologies. Doing so will open extraordinary economic opportunities. To rise to this challenge, the United States should launch a National Energy Innovation Mission. Led by the president and authorized by Congress, this mission should harness the nation’s unmatched innovative capabilities—at research universities, federal laboratories, and private firms (both large and small), in all regions of the country—to speed the progress of clean energy technologies. To jumpstart this mission and unlock a virtuous cycle of public and private investment, the US federal government should triple its funding for energy research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) over the next five years.
Energy Policy, Green Technology, Renewable Energy, Wind Power, Solar Power, Safe Energy
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North America, United States of America