Roma in the COVID-19 Crisis

Neda Korunovska, Zeljko Jovanovic
Content Type
Case Study
Open Society Foundations
Roma communities in Europe face a much higher risk of death from COVID-19, as their situation, already marked by extreme racism and poverty, has been worsening in the last decade. However, the European Union member states covered in this policy brief—Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, and Spain—have not responded with proportionate support. This brief argues that the COVID-19 crisis and the EU’s recovery plan in response both present an opportunity to improve the conditions of Europe’s Roma—not only in terms of rights, obligations, needs, but in the interests of sound political and economic decision-making across the region.
Economics, Health, Human Rights, Health Care Policy, Social Policy, Public Health, Pandemic, COVID-19
Political Geography
Europe, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Slovakia