Turkmenistan, Now With Soviet-Style Deficits, on Brink of Explosion

Paul A. Goble
Content Type
Working Paper
The Jamestown Foundation
Turkmenistan, far and away the most closed country in the former Soviet space, seldom receives much attention except as the butt of dismissive jokes or, more recently, when its leaders tried to deny that COVID-19 is present in their country even as they took measures intended to hinder its spread (see EDM, July 21). But multiple reports over the last few days suggest Turkmenistan is fast descending into an economic crisis that makes its continued socio-political stability ever less likely. Moreover, this Central Asian country now has an opposition based abroad that is increasingly capable of providing leadership to local Turkmenistanis infuriated by the domestic situation they find themselves in as a result of the authorities’ oppressive policies.
Government, Crisis Management, Domestic Policy
Political Geography
Central Asia, Turkmenistan