Oman, Ten Years After the Arab Spring: The Evolution of State-Society Relations

Yasmina Abouzzohour
Content Type
Working Paper
Arab Reform Initiative (ARI)
Oman is often portrayed as an “oasis of peace” that is immune to dissent. In fact, this assertion is an oversimplification and this paper provides a more discerning analysis of the relationship between the regime and opposition actors – such as youth groups, industrial workers, and intellectuals – that have led contestations in the last decade. It overviews the Omani political context, highlights recent episodes of contestation, and examines how the regime successfully contained them. It argues that in the coming years, the regime is likely to face heightened discontent triggered by socioeconomic hardship and it will be essential for the authorities to open the political sphere and stop repressing free speech.
Civil Society, Social Movement, Arab Spring, Protests
Political Geography
Oman, Gulf Nations