One Year into Lebanon's “17 October Uprising”: Is There a Reason to Celebrate?

Jamil Mouawad, Paul Achcar
Content Type
Working Paper
Arab Reform Initiative (ARI)
A year has passed since the Lebanese “17 October Uprising”. Just as with other Arab uprisings, the first anniversary raises many questions about successes and failures, the nature of the regime and the reasons behind its durability, the organizational requirements and mechanisms of a political transition, and about the despair or the hope that have been created. In this conversation, Paul Achcar and Jamil Mouawad address these different topics through a political analysis of the movement, its players, and the system and its components. The discussion is not limited to analysis, but also offers some ideas on how to move ahead. This will perhaps help in the transition from a state of contestation to consolidating an opposition that becomes a constant political player in the Lebanese scene.
Social Movement, Reform, Protests, Transition
Political Geography
Middle East, Lebanon