Saving the Suffering Lebanese Healthcare Sector: Immediate Relief while Planning Reforms

Hussain Isma'eel, Nadim El Jamal, Nuhad Yazbik Dumit, Elie Al-Chaer
Content Type
Working Paper
Arab Reform Initiative (ARI)
Lebanon’s economic downfall had a crippling effect on all healthcare sectors, and COVID-19 has further aggravated the crisis. To save an already ailing health sector, this paper written by medical professionals calls for urgent measures to tackle the immediate crisis. Its focuses on maintaining access to healthcare for all, enhancing primary and urgent care centres, controlling readmission, and introducing telemedicine. It highlights needed measures to reduce the financial strain on hospitals and puts forward recommendations to support healthcare providers as well as the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry.
Health Care Policy, Reform, Pandemic, COVID-19
Political Geography
Middle East, Lebanon