The Impacts of Covid-19 on Children and Social Policy Responses

Ba┼čak Akkan
Content Type
Policy Brief
Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation (TESEV)
Children had received less attention in the early stages of the pandemic. The mortality rates among children have been almost non-existent, and consequently they have not constituted a risk group. However, in a country with high incidences of child poverty, Covid-19 could have a significant impact in aggravating the existing inequalities among children and in creating new forms of deprivation. Within this context, the impact of Covid-19 on children is analyzed under four headings: The poverty aggravating effect of the pandemic; the manifestation of inequalities regarding the physical (home) environment and living conditions of children; the deepening of digital inequalities and access to education; and increased and unrecorded cases of domestic violence and child abuse amid the lockdowns.
Children, Inequality, Social Policy, COVID-19, Health Crisis, Abuse
Political Geography
Turkey, Middle East, Mediterranean