Four years since the referendum: the state of public opinion

John Curtice, Paula Surridge, Will Jennings, James Johnson, Anand Menon
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UK in a Changing Europe, King's College London
To mark four years since the EU referendum, our Isolation Insight event looked at how public opinion has changed since the vote, how values have evolved and shaped politics, trust in government and leaders, and more. Speakers: Sir John Curtice, senior fellow, UK in a Changing Europe; Paula Surridge, political sociologist, University of Bristol; Professor Will Jennings, professor of political science and public policy, University of Southampton; James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners and former head pollster at 10 Downing Street; Chair: Professor Anand Menon, director, UK in a Changing Europe
Government, Politics, European Union, Brexit, Referendum
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United Kingdom, Europe
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