Endless Endgame: Whither Russia-West Confrontation?

Elkhan Nuriyev
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Commentary and Analysis
Rethinking Russia
There are so many global threats impacting the future of the Earth but Western democracies fear only one person – Vladimir Putin. That’s because on almost all geopolitical fronts of the emerging multipolar world, Russian President is deftly striking a blow against the collective challenge mounted by the West. It is thus no surprise that the West’s endless dread of Russia’s military power has made Putin the world’s most powerful man. What’s happening in West-Russia relations right now is not a new Cold War. It is not even a renewed East-West divide. It is rather an incredibly high-stakes geopolitical grand game fueled by decades of long-time mutual distrust and competing great power interests.
International Relations, Geopolitics, Strategic Competition, Multipolarity
Political Geography
Russia, Eurasia