International Experience of and Policy Suggestions on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Oriented Incubators

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In the 2015 government work report, Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned twice the concept of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. He stresses that along with greater supplies of public goods and services, these will become the twin engines to drive the development and upgrade of China’s economy. At the same time, innovation is a critical impetus to revolutionize traditional industries and build new economic engine. Innovation and entrepreneurship oriented incubator, as an important carrier of new innovation service platform that meets the need to establish maker space in the network age, has attracted more and more public attention. Since its birth in the late 1950s, innovation and entrepreneurship oriented incubator has been a strong impetus to the economic prosperity of different countries and regions in the world and also plays a prominent role in nurturing small and medium enterprises and creating jobs. As the birthplace of the incubator, the United States has established a relatively mature incubator industry operation mechanism after experiencing the four stages of initial creation, multi-functional development, high-speed growth and innovative transformation. The US has become the global leader in the field of Innovation and entrepreneurship oriented incubator with its innovative incubator model featuring “business accelerator” and “virtual incubator”. Despite its later start than the US in this field, Germany has formed its own shareholding incubator model centered on interest chain and incubator model linked by intermediary service agency as well as international expansion model featuring overseas incubator, which shows a tendency to surpass the US. In France, many incubator models such as the ones funded by the government, the ones comprehensively and the ones established by enterprises have gained fairly good results. Israel, which used to be a small developing country with a low population and poor resource, has now became a developed country with its high-tech industries significantly promoted by incubator.
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