Migrations and Security. The Problematic Circularity ‘Philosophy, Law and Politics’

Giovanni Bombelli
Content Type
Journal Article
Journal on International Security Studies (RESI)
Issue Number
Publication Date
Summer 2020
International Security Studies Group (GESI) at the University of Granada
This article focuses on the problematic nexus migration-security, which calls into question classical philosophical-legal and political categories (State, law, territory) dating back to the origins of the modernity. The analysis of Hobbes’ and Grotius’ insights allows to grasp the distance between the modern framework and the post-modern scenarios. The contemporary complex societies are characterized by fundamental socio-legal transitions, in particular as regards the notion of “privacy”, and by the progressive implementation of a new model of law and politics relations that is closely connected to the crucial role played by technology. In the light of this horizon, the migration issue, and its relations with the political phenomenon called “populism”, should be fundamentally understood in a cultural perspective even before its immediate sociological, political and legal projections.
Security, Migration, Politics, Culture, Law
Political Geography
Spain, Global Focus