The #FreeKesha Movement: Individual Rights & Corporate Responsibilities

Eli Banghart
Content Type
Working Paper
Center on Human Rights Education, University of Denver
The human rights laws in the realm of rape within the United States have come under higher scrutiny recently. Perhaps most notably, the case of pop-singer Kesha (formerly known as Ke$ha, real name Kesha Rose Seibert) against producer Dr. Luke. The singer wishes to be released from her contract that requires six albums with Dr. Luke’s work featured in at least six songs per album. An appeal for a legal injunction was denied on 19 February 2016, striking rallying movements under the #FreeKesha tagline and an outpouring of celebrity support. This case’s impact has moved beyond Kesha, in her own words, turning into a movement against staying silent towards abusers.
Gender Issues, Human Rights, Reform, Sexual Violence
Political Geography
United States, North America