Triple Threat: New Research Highlights Three Key Sources of Insecurity for Women Peacebuilders

Jennifer Bradshaw, Louise Allen
Content Type
Working Paper
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace Justice, University of San Diego
As we move into this new decade, women peacebuilders from around the world are facing enormous challenges as they work to build more inclusive and safer societies. To better understand the peacebuilding landscape that these women are currently navigating, the Kroc School's Institute for Peace and Justice has conducted a network-wide research project with its Women Waging Peace members. This research brought together perspectives from over 1,000 women from 56 different countries who are working to end cycles of violence in their communities. In the fifth installment of our Kroc Insight series, we focus on the increased insecurity and threat women peacebuilders are facing from three main sources: state actors, non-state actors, and their domestic space.
United Nations, Peacekeeping, Women, Peace
Political Geography
Global Focus