Explaining India’s Foreign Policy: From Dream to Realization of Major Power

Takenori Horimoto
Content Type
Journal Article
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
Issue Number
Publication Date
September 2017
Japan Association of International Relations
A power transformation appears to be taking place in Asia, brought about by the rapid emergence of China and the relative decline of US influence. India has sought a way to cope with this new situation. India itself has been rising to prominence since the 1990s, particularly its nuclear weapon tests in 1998 onward. Since the start of the twenty-first century, India has been perceived as the next country to follow China in seeking a major power status. Although India has previously tended to conceal its power aspirations, in 2015 it declared its intention to be a leading power. This article elucidates this transformation through India's policy orientation on a local, regional, and global level and its key partnerships with Russia and Japan. India’s metamorphosis holds great implications for the transformation of power in Asia.
International Relations, Foreign Policy, Power Politics
Political Geography
Russia, Japan, India, Asia, Asia-Pacific