Small States can Take Small but Important Steps to Improve UN Peacekeeping: Action needed for peacekeeping in distress

Louise Riis Andersen, Richard Gowan
Content Type
Policy Brief
Danish Institute for International Studies
UN peacekeeping is in need of change. Missions struggle to fulfil ambitious mandates in hostile environments. To improve performance and regain global trust, the UN needs tangible support and engagement from its member states, including smaller states with specialized military capabilities. RECOMMENDATIONS Smaller member states can contribute to UN peacekeeping operations by: ■ offering critical enablers (intelligence expertise, tactical air transport, medical services) and working with larger troop contributors to enhance their capacity in these areas. ■ developing guidance materials, technological tools and additional training for troop contributors, e.g. on medical support, prevention of sexual abuse and data analysis. ■ if aid donors, triangulate with the UN and the World Bank to identify projects to sustain security in countries where UN forces are drawing down.
Security, Foreign Policy, Defense Policy, International Organization, United Nations
Political Geography
Europe, Denmark, Global Focus