Lockdown Preventive Measure against COVID-19 Pandemic: Livelihoods Implications in Cameroon

Dr. Tata E. Sunjo, Adeline Kaptue Wuyt, Dr. Yauba Saidu
Content Type
Special Report
The Nkafu Policy Institute
The entire world today is, in one way or another, affected by the spread of the novel coronavirus infection which the World Health Organization (WHO) declared to be a pandemic on the 11th of March 2020. This outbreak which has spread to all continents (Figure 1) has been characterized by exponential increase in infected cases, attributed deaths and socio-economic hardship. There are already more than 3.8 million confirmed cases globally with over 265 862 deaths (WHO Situation Report, 9 May 2020). The quality of the health system in a given country appears to not be an influential factor in preventing the installation or propagation of the pandemic as the nations with relatively robust health systems like in Europe and the USA have also been hit hard.
Health, World Health Organization, Health Care Policy, Public Health, Pandemic, COVID-19
Political Geography
Africa, Cameroon