Industry and Policy: Partnerships in Disruptive Times

Leendert van Bochoven
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Journal Article
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Partnership for Peace Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes
The rate of (technological) change in today┬┤s dynamic environment calls for new policies and collaboration models between governments and industry. Two key elements will underpin successful policies for dealing with innovation and the impact of technology: an innovation ecosystem and an innovation platform. Just like companies are involving customers in private sector innovation, governments are seeking to involve citizens. There is a growing trend to engage citizens more and more in the co-creation of public services. The citizen co-creation approach also has merits for the defense and security industry, and there are several successful examples showcasing new ways of collaboration, overcoming the traditional obstacles. Three key recommendations will enable governments to overcome innovation challenges. These recommendations depend on two essential enablers to deal with disruptive innovation in government organizations: an innovation ecosystem and an innovation platform. Without both, innovation is for sure going to fail. Given the rate of unprecedented technological change, governments, militaries and businesses have to find creative ways to work and innovate together.
Privatization, Science and Technology, Public Sector, Innovation
Political Geography
Global Focus