Eastern Mediterranean: Testing Egypt’s Geopolitical Ambitions?

Alessia Melcangi
Content Type
Commentary and Analysis
Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)
After an uncertain political transition following the 2011 revolts, Egypt seems ready to reshape its geopolitical role in the Mediterranean area and fulfil its geostrategic goals, always maintaining their national security principle to be an essential objective of its domestic and foreign policy. The two main closely and interconnected scenarios, where the country’s strategic ambitions are projected, move from Libya to the contested waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. In particular the latter represents an area that, in recent years, has become a hotspot for the global energy market due to huge gas-field discoveries. It is enough to imagine how the fight for the control of these resources are shaping the region, elevating it to a potential geostrategic game-changer for the coastal countries such as Egypt.
Economics, Natural Resources, Geopolitics, Exports
Political Geography
Middle East, Egypt, Mediterranean