Learning Whilst Migrating: The Case for Education in Emergency

Matteo Villa, Marta Foresti, Elena Corradi
Content Type
Commentary and Analysis
Italian Institute for International Political Studies (ISPI)
Migration is often envisioned as a movement from origin A to destination B. But, even for forcibly displaced people, migration trajectories are much more complex and can be made up of multiple displacements. This study aims to look at how decisions to migrate are shaped and what it is that drives, diverts or deters migratory movements across borders. It focuses on how education in emergency (EIE) affects the migratory decisions of forcibly displaced people. What impact does EIE have on the living conditions of forcibly displaced people in countries of transit? How does the perspective of education in emergency affect their decisions on when, where, and how to migrate further?
Education, Migration, Displacement
Political Geography
Europe, Italy