Public Diplomacy: A Lack of Political Support and Long-Term Vision

Jana Peterková, Eliska Tomalova
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Institute of International Relations Prague
In the field of Czech public diplomacy, the year 2017 did not represent an exceptional year that would bring new major topics or changes. It can be characterised as a transition period from a situation of instability and maybe even uncertainty about the future and leadership of the most visible actor of Czech cultural diplomacy – the Czech Centres (CC). In the second half of the year, however, we may identify new positive ways of strategic thinking about their future. 2017 also saw a continuous trend in the diversification of fields and practices in public diplomacy areas where new forms of diplomatic practice and fields of activity gained a greater place and more attention, such as sports diplomacy. Last, but not least, the Czech public diplomacy has remained dominated by a pragmatic view prioritising the economic potential of various public diplomacy activities without a stronger support for a longer-term vision.
Diplomacy, Culture, Sports, Economy
Political Geography
Europe, Czech Republic