The Economic Dimension of the Czech Foreign Policy

Štěpánka Zemanová, Miloslav Machoň
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Institute of International Relations Prague
In 2017, the domestic support of the Czech Republic’s external economic relations (EER) maintained its continuity and corresponded with the recent developments in the world economy and the EU’s proactive policies in the internal market. It derived from the recent updates of the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic for 2012–2020 and the Map of Global Export Opportunities 2016/17 and profited from the improved relations between the relevant stakeholders and their ever-extending activities as well as newly introduced export and investment promotion tools. The period was successful in terms of performance as the Czech Republic achieved both an extraordinary increase in exports and a remarkable rate of GDP growth. This was combined with a growing emphasis on sustainable development. On the other hand, several questions relating to the institutional architecture remained. The adaptation of the system to the needs of a 21st century small open economy will be a challenge, and its possible failure one of the main risks in the future.
Foreign Policy, Economics, European Union
Political Geography
Europe, Czech Republic