The Future of U.S.-Russia Strategic Arms Control

Artur Kacprzyk
Content Type
Special Report
The Polish Institute of International Affairs
The Trump administration is sceptical about extending the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START, NST), which is to expire in 2021. It wants to sign a new deal with Russia and China covering all kinds of nuclear weapons. It will not be possible, however, to negotiate such a complex agreement before NST expires. In effect, there is a growing risk of a collapse of U.S.-Russia strategic arms control, which would negatively affect NATO as well: it would deepen both the divisions over the future of deterrence policy within the Alliance and the differences in the U.S. Congress on the modernisation of America’s nuclear forces.
NATO, Arms Control and Proliferation, Nuclear Weapons, Treaties and Agreements, Military Strategy
Political Geography
Russia, China, Eurasia, United States of America, North America