Indo-Pacific as the Main Arena of the U.S.-China Rivalry

Patryk Kugiel
Content Type
Special Report
The Polish Institute of International Affairs
The Trump administration recognises the “Indo-Pacific” region—which in official terminology has replaced “Asia-Pacific”—as the most important area for maintaining U.S. global dominance by confronting China. The anti-China approach in the American strategy is not shared by other countries that also are developing Indo-Pacific policy because they are concerned about the negative effects of the U.S.-China rivalry. The Americans will put pressure on their NATO and EU allies to more strongly support the achievement of U.S. goals in the region. However, the EU approach is closer to that of the Asian countries in seeking cooperation and strengthening the stability of a cooperative and rules-based regional order.
International Cooperation, Geopolitics, Grand Strategy, Donald Trump
Political Geography
China, Asia, North America, United States of America, European Union, Indo-Pacific