Lessons from Ukraine: Shifting International Surrogacy Policy to Protect Women and Children

Emma Lamberton
Content Type
Journal Article
Woodrow Wilson School Journal of Public and International Affairs
Issue Number
Publication Date
Spring 2020
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University
Ukrainian surrogacy companies now hold over a quarter of the global surrogacy market since a series of human rights violations caused India, Thailand, and Nepal to close their borders. Similar violations are occurring in Ukraine, including the abandonment and trafficking of children and the abuse of surrogates. The Ukrainian government is not taking action, despite concerns expressed by both lawmakers and surrogates that the industry engages in unethical practices. This paper proposes that the Hague Conference’s Experts’ Group on the Parentage/Surrogacy Project spearhead international ratification of a holistic series of policies focused on protecting women and children from exploitation.
International Relations, Children, Women, International Development, Human Trafficking
Political Geography
Europe, Central Asia, Eurasia, Ukraine