Israel-Iraq Cooperation in 2019: Security Challenges and Civilian Warming

Ronen Zeidel
Content Type
Working Paper
Mitvim: The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies
The final months of 2019 were marked by widespread, prolonged protests throughout Iraq, which began in October. Baghdad was the focal point of the demonstrations, which were directed at the ruling political elite and the state backing it: Iran. Prime Minister Adil AbdulMahdi resigned at the end of November, throwing official Iraq into a political vacuum and guaranteeing that any premier appointed to replace him would be considered an interim ruler and as such, his government would only be accepted by the weakened political elite, but not by a significant part of the population. This article reviews the changes that occurred in 2019 in the nature of Israel-Iraq cooperation, as they relate to diplomatic, security, economic and civilian aspects.
Security, Foreign Policy, Bilateral Relations, Civilians
Political Geography
Iraq, Middle East, Israel, Palestine