Taiwan Flashpoint: What Australia Can Do to Stop the Coming Taiwan Crisis

Brendan Taylor
Content Type
Policy Brief
Lowy Institute for International Policy
Australian diplomacy could ease rising tensions across the Taiwan Strait, if Australian policymakers rediscovered an appetite for involvement in the flashpoint. Tensions between Taiwan and China are rising, driven in part by an increasingly assertive government in Beijing, growing Taiwanese estrangement from the Chinese mainland, and deteriorating US–China relations. If key regional governments fail to help de-escalate tensions, the consequences are likely to be serious. Rather than continue the debate about Australia’s position on its ANZUS obligations should the United States invoke the treaty in a Taiwan conflict, Australia should work with other regional powers to advocate for more robust risk avoidance and crisis management mechanisms.
Conflict Prevention, Diplomacy, Territorial Disputes, Multilateralism, Crisis Management
Political Geography
China, Taiwan, Asia, Australia, United States of America