Cooperation Between Kazakhstan and the United States in Military Professionalization Programs

Sebastian Engles
Content Type
Working Paper
George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies
The U.S. should remain committed to Central Asian security cooperation, but must carefully evaluate each program for merit and value added to U.S. security goals in the region. Military professionalization of the Kazakh armed forces will have the most significant impact towards accomplishing these goals and help Kazakhstan attain a more capable military. U.S. security cooperation efforts in assisting Kazakhstan to improve non-commissioned officer development serve as an excellent example of effective professionalization and a way to further our strategic relationships with non-NATO countries. Training programs that professionalize the Kazakh military can offer a cost-effective way for the United States to further a lasting partnership with Central Asia’s most stable country.
Security, NATO, Imperialism, Military Strategy
Political Geography
United States, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Asia