Improving Transfer in California: Trial and Error in Statewide Reform and Local Implementation

Andrea Venezia, Su Jin Gatlin Jez
Content Type
Journal Article
California Journal of Politics and Policy
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Institute of Governmental Studies, UC Berkeley
California’s community colleges play a wide range of crucial roles in providing educational opportunities for state residents, including providing transfer for students to four-year universities. Transfer students represent about half of each entering class in the California State University System (CSU) and almost one-third in the University of California. In 2010, California enacted legislation to streamline transfer from community college to the state’s four-year universities by creating a new transfer degree. It was implemented in 2012. This study examined how students experience policies and practices related to transfer from community college to California State University in the context of the new degree. Key findings reveal that, although there are improvements, capacity within the CSU and other factors have kept transfer complex and confusing for most transfer students. Major implications are that the state and systems need to continue to simplify the transfer process and strengthen supports for students.
Education, Governance
Political Geography
United States, California