The Diffusion Of Protest Following The 2007–2008 Global Crash

Cristina Flesher Fominaya
Content Type
Research Paper
Brown Journal of World Affairs
In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, hundreds of protests spread across the world. Remarkably, despite the diversity of polities, regimes, and socioeconomic status across countries, these protests share two core demands to a varying degree: greater, more meaningful, or “real” democracy; and greater economic justice. While these are two distinct demands, they cannot be sepa- rated from each other. Although initially (and understandably) the protests were interpreted in direct relation to the global economic crash, especially in those countries hit hardest by the crisis and austerity politics, it soon became clear that the protests also reflected a crisis of representative democracy.
Economics, Financial Crisis, Protests, Global Financial Crisis
Political Geography
Global Focus