Gulf Countries as a Destination for Syrian Financial Capital: The Case of the United Arab Emirates

Maher Al Junaidy
Content Type
Research Paper
Arab Reform Initiative (ARI)
This paper addresses the situation of Syrians in the UAE, and their readiness to contribute to the reconstruction of Syria. It has two parts: The first part begins with a look at the history of the Syrian community in the UAE, and then examines the influx of “new Syrians” into the UAE after 2011. It also sheds a light on Syrian groups and organizations assembled by Syrians in the UAE before and after the 2011 Revolution in response to political change in Syria. Finally, it examines the cracks within the Syrian community and its organizations. It concludes by examining the volume of Syrian capital in the UAE, and the economic sectors in which it is located. The second part is based on a survey, conducted by the researcher on a selected sample of Syrian economic, academic, and professional elites residing in the UAE, that conveys their views on the issue of reconstruction in Syria.
Reconstruction, Arab Spring, Revolution, Economic Development
Political Geography
Middle East, Syria, Damascus, UAE