The Zombie Returns: Middle East Peace Plan Would Create Palestinian Bantustan

Edward Marks
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Journal Article
American Diplomacy
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Publication Date
September 2019
American Diplomacy
The Trump Administration Middle East Plan appears to call for a Palestinian “Bantustan” (maybe two with Gaza) and legally enforced separation of communities based on ethnic grounds. It is difficult to believe that this resurrection from the discredited past could be acceptable to anyone but its authors, who appear to be completely oblivious to the history of South Africa. That includes Netanyahu, who has obviously been fully engaged in the plan’s development. However the plan will be unacceptable to everyone else, including Saudi Arabia and other Arab governments who have been flirting with Israel and the US in an informal anti-Iranian alliance. The plan would certainly exacerbate – if that is possible – the relationship between Israel and the Palestinians. The Kushner Plan would be like throwing oil on a fire; it will end badly for everyone concerned.
Conflict Resolution, Apartheid, Development, Diplomacy, Economic Growth
Political Geography
Middle East, Israel, Palestine, North America, United States of America, West Bank, Golan Heights