Medium-Intensity Threats: The Case for Beefed-Up IDF Ground Forces

Eado Hecht, Eitan Shamir
Content Type
Working Paper
The Begin-Sadat Centre for Strategic Studies (BESA)
Some pundits contend that in the absence of a direct threat from state armies, and in a situation where terror, guerrilla and rocket threats predominate, Israel no longer needs heavy maneuvering formations. This 50-page study by Dr. Eado Hecht and Dr. Eitan Shamir of the BESA Center argues the contrary. The rise in capabilities of non-state actors represents a new intermediate-level threat to Israel; creating several plausible threat scenarios that require large, highly-capable ground formations. The IDF’s recent force-buildup plan, which gives priority to the air force and to precision-fire assets over ground units, is mistaken.
International Security, Non State Actors
Political Geography