Civilian Capacities for Peace Operations Case Study – The Netherlands

Denis Hadžović
Content Type
Special Report
The Centre for Security Studies
Since 1947, the Netherlands has participated in a number of UN peacekeeping operations and UN mandated mi- ssions. Besides the involvement in UN peacekeeping mi- ssions, the Netherlands also participates in NATO and EU missions. In Article 90, the Dutch Constitution (Nederlandse Gron- dwet) states that “The Government shall promote the de- velopment of the international legal order.”1 This article serves as a basis for Dutch involvement in peace and conflict prevention missions. This comes from historical pra- gmatism, with a long tradition of openness to the world and tolerance; the Netherlands are also deeply committed to Atlanticism and to the collective security system of the United Nations. This commitment is presented through the fact that the Netherlands, especially The Hague, are the hosts of headquarters of many international institutions, mainly those that serve the international legal order.
Peace Studies, Peacekeeping
Political Geography