Bahamas: Political structure

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Official name

Commonwealth of the Bahamas

Form of state

Representative democracy

Head of state

Queen Elizabeth II, represented by a governor-general (currently Sir Cornelius Smith) appointed on the advice of the Bahamian cabinet

The executive

The prime minister, appointed by the governor-general, heads a government responsible to the House of Assembly (the lower house)

National legislature

Bicameral; the 16-member Senate (the upper house) has nine members appointed on the advice of the prime minister; four on the advice of the opposition leader; and three on the advice of the prime minister, after discussion with the opposition leader. The 39-member lower house is directly elected by district and sits for no longer than five years

Legal system

Based on the British system, with a UK-style hierarchy of courts: magistrates' court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and, in some cases, the UK Privy Council

National elections

May 10th 2017; next general election due by end-May 2022

National government

The Free National Movement holds 35 of the 39 seats in the lower house

Main political organisations

Government: Free National Movement (FNM)

Opposition: Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), four seats

Prime minister & minister of finance: Hubert Minnis

Deputy prime minister: Desmond Bannister

Ministers of state

Agriculture & marine resources: Michael Pintard

Attorney-general & legal affairs: Carl Bethel

Education: Jeffrey Lloyd

Environment & housing: Romauld Ferreira

Financial services, trade & industry, & immigration: Ellsworth Johnson

Foreign affairs: Darren Henfield

Health: Renward Ricardo Wells

Labour: Dion Alexander Foulkes

National security: Marvin Dames

Public service & national insurance: Brensil Rolle

Public works: Desmond Bannister

Social services & urban development: Frankie Campbell

Tourism & aviation: Dionisio D'Aguilar

Transport & local government: Dion Alexander Foulkes

Youth, sports & culture: Iram Lewis

Public service & national insurance: Brensil Rolle

Grand Bahama: Kwasi Thompson

Central bank governor

John Rolle

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