Germany’s Policy towards Russia: New Wine in an Old Wineskin

Ryszarda Formuszewicz
Content Type
Policy Brief
The Polish Institute of International Affairs
The tougher tone in Germany’s policy towards Russia reflects changes in Berlin’s perception of the eastern giant and in its own self-perception as a power willing to play a more active international role. This readiness for leadership could cement Germany’s status as a key international player whilst handing it the influence necessary to secure its own primary economic interests vis-à-vis Russia. However, it will also require Germany to critically address the long-standing premises of its policy towards Russia, and its appetite to overturn old assumptions remains limited. Lessons drawn by Germany now, in particular with regards to the causes of the Ukraine crisis, will prevail as a guideline for its Russia policy, and as such will also be decisive in the prospects for Polish–German cooperation.
Security, Economics, Power Politics, Bilateral Relations
Political Geography
Russia, Ukraine, Germany