Religion as a Factor in Israeli-Turkish Relations: A Constructivist Overlook

Tugçe Ersoy Oztürk
Content Type
Journal Article
Alternatives: Turkish Journal of International Relations
Issue Number
Publication Date
Spring-Summer 2014
Center for International Conflict Resolution at Yalova University
The influence of religion in the foreign policy has recently begun to be discussed among the scholars of international relations field. That the role of religion as an attribute of individuals and communities and in its institutional connections with the state cannot be ignored has started to be widely accepted. This study argues that besides the material reasons stemming from realpolitik, there are also behind the scene, certain “cultural codes” that have played an important role on the actions and discourses of Turkey's leaders on the foreign policies and especially on the deterioration of Israeli - Turkish relations. This study seeks to find the effects, if there are, of religion in the Israeli - Turkish relations by exemplifying Turkey in its relations with Israel to see whether the recent rupture is a result of the religious orientation of AKP government.
Political Geography
Turkey, Israel