No Exit from Pakistan: America's Tortured Relationship with Islamabad, Daniel S. Markey

Sumit Ganguly
Content Type
Journal Article
Political Science Quarterly
Issue Number
Publication Date
Winter 2014-15
Academy of Political Science
Daniel S. Markey's recent book constitutes an impassioned plea for sustaining a strategic relationship with Afghanistan even as the United States seeks to disengage itself from that country. Markey makes a plausible argument for maintaining this relationship, given the significant stakes that are involved. He contends that the United States needs to work with Pakistan because of at least three compelling reasons. In his view, in the absence of American vigilance toward and engagement with the country, al Qaeda and its associates could reconstitute themselves, that nuclear weapons or materials within Pakistan might end up in hostile hands and instability within Pakistan, given its geostrategic location could adversely affect the future of American interests in Asia. - See more at:
Political Geography
Pakistan, America