Ressourcensegen – Ressourcenfluch? Fallstudie der entwicklungspolitischen Chancen und Risiken des Ressourcenbooms in der Mongolei

Paul Kriews
Content Type
Working Paper
Institute for Development and Peace
Natural resources play a significant role for a country's development: The beneficial dynamics of a prosperous commodity sector have therefore long been considered as a key factor for a country's positive economic development. Paradoxically, however, one can observe frequently in resource-rich countries that the commodity sector has no positive effect, but rather fatal implications for a country's development. The assumption that resource-rich countries use their wealth for the advancement of sustainable development appears to be incomplete. This paper identifies the basic problems and dangers associated with resource wealth; possible options for action are identified and traced, using the example of Mongolia. The central question is whether Mongolia can escape the so-called resource curse. In this paper, a set of criteria is used, to elaborate whether the necessary conditions for a responsible use of the existing resource wealth in Mongolia are given.
Economics, Environment, Natural Resources, Governance