Climate Shocks, Food and Nutrition Security: Evidence from the Young Lives cohort study

Dornan Paul, Ogando Portela, Maria Jose, Pells Kirrily
Content Type
Working Paper
Oxfam Publishing
Drawing on survey data from Young Lives, an international study of childhood poverty involving 12,000 children in four countries, this paper examines the effects of environmental shocks on food insecurity and children‟s development. The data, from children and their families living in rural and urban locations in Ethiopia, the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Peru , and Vietnam , provide information on the same individuals over time, allowing consideration of how earlier incidences of food insecurity and exposures to environmental shocks shape later outcomes. Regression analysis is used to estimate the relationships between these and other relevant factors.
Security, Climate Change, Human Welfare, Food
Political Geography
India, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Andhra Pradesh, Peru