Agenda for a New Great Power Relationship

Wu Xinbo
Content Type
Journal Article
The Washington Quarterly
Issue Number
Publication Date
Spring 2014
Center for Strategic and International Studies
"Well begun is half done," Aristotle once said, meaning that beginning a project well makes it easier to do the rest. Yet, this may not be true of China–U.S. relations during Obama's presidency. Although the Obama administration secured a smooth transition from the George W. Bush years and attached high priority to relations with China during its first year in office, bilateral relations turned downward over the rest of Obama's first term, leaving a legacy of growing mutual suspicion and rising competition between the two countries, especially in the Asia–Pacific region. In spite of the November 2009 bilateral agreement to build a "positive, cooperative, and comprehensive relationship," the two sides missed opportunities for more cooperation while mishandling and even misguiding bilateral ties on some points.
Bilateral Relations
Political Geography
United States, China, Asia-Pacific