The Economy-Security Nexus in Northeast Asia

Motoshi Suzuki
Content Type
Journal Article
International Relations of the Asia-Pacific
Issue Number
Publication Date
November 2013
Japan Association of International Relations
The Northeast Asian region has attracted at least two types of international relations analyses. A first type focuses primarily on military and hard security and investigates changes in states' power and the politics of coercion, balance of power, and alliances. A second type is interested in cross-border economic activities, regional interdependence, and institutionalization and then examines the states' policies of development, trade, money, and technology, as well as the politics of institutional building and reform. T.J. Pempel's edited volume synthesizes the two approaches by viewing the mutually shaping interactions between economics and security as a major feature of regional politics. The book is a fruit of collaborative efforts by American, Japanese, South Korean, and Chinese scholars who provide in-depth analyses of recent developments in the region.
International Relations, Security, Reform
Political Geography
Japan, China, America, Asia, South Korea, London