Strategische Grundprobleme externer politischer und militärischer Intervention

Jochen Hippler
Content Type
Working Paper
Institute for Development and Peace
Western foreign policy is increasingly attempting to influence and reform the internal political situation and societies in target countries (for example to achieve democratization or economic reform), instead of restricting itself to inter-governmental exchange. The record of success in this regard is hardly encouraging. Does Western foreign policy have the necessary strategies and instruments to achieve these goals? This paper will analyze the mix of foreign policy interests involved, the development of strategy, and its instruments. It then focuses on the necessary preconditions for success in the target countries, both in society and the political system. In a next step the paper analyses the problems and limits of a policy of external reform by Western governments. Finally it offers a series of short policy recommendations.
International Relations, Foreign Policy, Democratization, Development, Economics, Humanitarian Aid, International Security, Foreign Aid