One Actor, One Too Many Voices? The EU at the UN General Assembly

Attila Molnar
Content Type
Journal Article
Central European University Political Science Journal
Issue Number
Publication Date
September 2012
Central European University
The article tests the assumption that the deepening integration brought on by the European Union's Treaty of Lisbon should have a palpable effect on the dynamics of EU Member States' action at the United Nations. Building on existing scholarly literature, on interviews with diplomats and staff of the European External Action Service at two UN headquarters locations, as well as on a case study of what is arguably the most universal of multilateral bodies, the UN General Assembly, the article asses the "voice of the EU" on the global multilateral scene. It concludes that, in spite of the abundance of theoretical and practical arguments for increasing the unity of European diplomacy, action in the UNGA does not provide grounds fo an overly hasty departure from a state-centric view of EU foreign policy.
Foreign Policy
Political Geography
Europe, United Nations, Lisbon