Retooling U.S. Policy For Peace In Colombia

Milburn Line
Content Type
Policy Brief
The Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace Justice, University of San Diego
It is time to reconsider U.S. policy in Colombia, including adding a peace agenda to our strategy. Following problematic and inconclusive results of more than a decade of support known as Plan Colombia, which is largely directed to the Colombian military, the Obama administration should retool U.S. policy. Adding support for a peace process offers specific policy benefits , including: protecting civilian populations by reducing violations of human rights and humanitarian law; strengthening democratic practice and creating consensus on a post-conflict Colombia; improving relations between Colombia and its neighbors; creating clearer policy channels for other U.S. priorities, including free trade and efforts to control the illicit narcotics trade; and renewing respect for American leadership in the region.
Conflict Resolution, Political Violence, Cold War, Armed Struggle, Territorial Disputes
Political Geography
United States, Colombia, Latin America