European Perspectives for Moldova: Challenges and Obstacles

Anna Maria Dyner, Anita Emőke Sobják
Content Type
Policy Brief
The Polish Institute of International Affairs
Moldova appeared for the first time on the horizon of EU foreign policy in the second half of the '90s, but a comprehensive policy towards that country only started to be contoured with the launching of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) in 2009. The Warsaw Declaration of the second EaP summit acknowledged “the European aspirations and the European choice” of Moldova, and as such, the EaP initiative might be treated as a preaccession stage. Issues currently on the negotiation table are visa regime liberalization, signing the Association Agreement (which is to replace the PCA) and the establishment of an EU–Moldova free-trade area by a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement.
International Trade and Finance, Political Economy, Regional Cooperation, Treaties and Agreements
Political Geography