American and European Responses to the Arab Spring: What's the Big Idea?

Michele Dunne, Uri Dadush
Content Type
Journal Article
The Washington Quarterly
Issue Number
Publication Date
Autumn 2011
Center for Strategic and International Studies
The Arab countries straddle the lifelines of world trade. They link Europe to Asia and, with Iran, surround the Persian Gulf home to some 54 percent of global oil reserves. The region's many international and domestic disputes, as well as restraints on political expression and human rights, have spawned extremism. In turn, the region's endemic instability or perceived risk of instability has provided cover for some of the world's most authoritarian and corrupt regimes. Until the turn of this year, the Arab countries had almost uniformly resisted the process of democratization that swept up other regions in recent decade.
Political Geography
America, Europe, Iran, Asia, Arabia