Health Care Reform and American Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know

Shanna Rose
Content Type
Journal Article
Political Science Quarterly
Issue Number
Publication Date
Fall 2011
Academy of Political Science
This book offers a highly accessible, engagingly written account of the political struggles behind the enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The authors—two prominent experts on health care politics—provide a concise yet thorough overview of the roles played by the president, congressional leaders, voters, interest groups (ranging from the health care industry to grassroots organizations to Tea Partiers), and other key players in shaping this landmark piece of legislation. Noting that “it ainʼt over ʼtil itʼs over” (p. 147), the authors then look ahead to the many political and legal challenges still facing the Affordable Care Act, tying in the crucial roles of the courts, the federal bureaucracy, and state government officials. The book also offers an elucidating overview of the Actʼs distributive effects—trumpeting lower- and middle-class Americans as the big winners—as well as its (mostly positive) economic and budgetary implications.