Discrepancies in Perceptions of Corruption, or Why Is Canada So Corrupt?

Michael M. Atkinson
Content Type
Journal Article
Political Science Quarterly
Issue Number
Publication Date
Fall 2011
Academy of Political Science
Very few countiesmanage to avoid corruption scandals for extended periods. In 1999, Germany was rocked by a party financing scandal involving the former chancellor, and in 2005, an accumulation of accusations regarding kickbacks for construction and waste processing contracts culminated in the revelation that top-ranking politicians were on the payroll of major corporations. In the same year, 2005, a vast kickback scheme centering on the French president when he was the mayor of Paris, resulted in the trial of 47 of his political associates. Britons were treated to drip-drip revelations in May 2009 as the Daily Telegraph released expense account claims of Members of Parliament (MPs) that included refunds for garden work, home renovations, chocolate bars, and pornographic movies.
Political Geography
Canada, Germany